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We released our first album!
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danny && the kids are a rock-n-roll band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Danny, the manager, recruited everyone to play some Monster Mash at a Halloween Party. And things have only gotten better since. Now they play in a garage to crowds of 50+ raging fans, and have written some songs of their own.

You can contact us by sending electronic mail (e-mail) to: contact@dannyandthekids.com


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September 30th, 2022: June 17th, 2022: May 6th, 2022: January, 2022:


Too Much Swig (David Lyons)

Don't you feel the viiibe?
Girl I know you knowing what I talk about
Can't you dig the riiiide?
I am much too swig-for-you!!

Watching from the siiiide-
-lines you feel it pulling-you-from-every sprout
Thinkin bout the tiiiiime
Fly'in by us is fruit-less-doubt!

(Whisper) You'll never know if you're waiting in line
(Whisper) You never know what is waiting in time
(Whisper) You'll never see that life's sublime

(Whisper) You'll never know if you're waiting in line
(Whisper) You never know what is waiting in time
(Whisper) You'll never see that life's sublime

Push and pat the puulll
You let your heart feel whatever-it-wanted to
Freshly fallen snow sings
I'm much too swig-for-you!!

Clinging to the oooold
Loves and lines you'll lose-your-ideology
Stavin' off the cooold
Makes it flow roman-tic-ally!

(Whisper) You'll never know if you're waiting in line
(Whisper) You never know what is waiting in time
(Whisper) You'll never see that life's sublime

(Whisper) You'll never know if you're waiting in line
(Whisper) You never know what is waiting in time
(Whisper) You'll never see that life's sublime

The Need (David Lyons)

You know, I'm feeling, baby, crumby about myself
It's because of all the things that I can't do
I've tried it: Cooking, Gaming, singing about myself
It won't stop me, babe, from thinkin' bout' you

About the timing and the accidents
And things I really shouldn've said
The pain game and the blaming mixed with
Naughty thoughts to bed you
Coming up with stupid stuff
To try to put you in a huff

Poor Expressage

Info on the internet: Greed to certain discontent
My friends advice, to my vice, promising to satisfy
Feeling all emotions drip, drip down my veins

Bottled Message

I Want You
From me
You leave
And maybe
Will be
In my heart
The Need

The memories and melodies were never meant to be x4

You know you're feeling, baby,
Real things about yourself
It's so bad you've locked yourself in your room
Lies told in memories long forgotten stay on your shelf
Withhold the bullet shot to kill from flyin' true

Schrodinger (Danny Lyons)

You did it again, this time it's no trick
Whenever you do this, it really makes me sick
We're in a wreck, we're really in a pickle
All thanks to your tiny little...

Tiny little lizard brain
Always driving me insane
You think you're playing 4D chess
But we always end up in a mess
Thanks to your
Tiny little lizard brain
Tiny little lizard brain

Take your shoes, take all of your socks
Take your suitcase, fill it full of rocks
Feel nothing, like the Vulcan Mr Spock
Because of your tiny little...


Your prefrontal cortex has done nothing
To stop this horny sharknado vortex
Maybe your medulla oblongata really oughtta
Drive next time instead of your...


You've looked once, then you've seen us
You are crazier than a bunch of tree nuts
I'm in Hades, and it's hotter than Venus
Thanks to your tiny little...


First Date Anxiety (John Calkins)

You tell me how you want to go out
But you say you can't your families in town
I say let's do it when your free again
Nothing, nada, zip is what I hear from you

Crazy how you found some-one else
During that time when you're with me
It could last for-ev-er
But you couldn't wait and see.

Dating shouldn't be this hard
Some make it sound easy
Maybe it is just my type
That causes my anx-i-ety

A magical night meant for us two
Find out what we want to do
Something that you think you need
A way to leave my comp-a-ny


Guitar Solo

[Chorus] x2

You told me that you want to go out
But you didn't say when it was over

Silver Girl (Robert Williams)

She's a silver girl, living in a grey world
Red lips, golden hair, good talker, no fear

Small-town waitress, everybody knows her there
Big city, Heathrow, she can fit in everywhere

She's a silver girl stuck in your mind
Forget that silver girl leave her behind

The stars and the sky all shout her name
You've gone crazy for her, you'll never be the same

She's the grammar police, put you in jail
Get used to it, she'll be there 'till she lifts her spell


[Guitar Solo]

She's in love with the moon, but she'll never love you
You say you want to let her go, but that's not even true

Outta site, in mind, that's how she rolls
You won't ever forget her, she's invincible

[Chorus] x2

[Bridge to nowhere]
She sailed away, she sailed away
Sail on, sail on, I hope you sail back someday

All I See (by Robert Williams)

I took a look at the world,
And all I saw was you
I took a look at the sky,
And all I saw was blue
I took a look at your soul,
And all I saw was true
Then I looked at your heart,
And away it flew

I tried to ask you a question,
The words stuck in my throat
I tried to sing you a song,
I couldn't find the right note
I tried to be so cool,
Then the atmosphere froze
So I tried to love,
The only way that I know

Sometimes it takes a little time
To start to see things from your side, not mine
So I convince myself to wait
But then I worry, it's too late

Rain falls from clouds,
Wind spreads the seeds
Where I see flowers,
You see weeds
You think you know,
Where this path leads
But then again,
You missed the forest for the trees

I tell myself,
That I'm better off alone
If things could ever work out,
Between us I would have known
I'm running away,
I turned my heart into stone
The recipient of your call cannot be reached
Leave a message at the tone

I know to you I'm just a friend,
That's alright, believe me
All it means is I'm still looking,
For a light, to lead me

I know to you I'm just a friend,
That's alright, believe me
All it means is I don't worry
That you'll ever leave me

Verse: G, Em, C, D
G, Em, C, B
Chorus: Em, C, G, B
Em, C, G, D
Bridge: C, G, Em, D
C, G, Em, B

Not My Home (by John Calkins)

My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago
My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago

I went back home to visit my mom
It wasn't long since I had been gone

There wasn't much that I recognized
I couldn't even believe my eyes

My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago (no it ain't)
My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago

(My room is gone
My stuff is too
There's nothing left except a futon and some shoes)

My siblings took over my old room
They packed my stuff in a box or two
Didn't take long for me to go through
There was only a blanket and some shoes

My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago
(I don’t even have a room)
My home ain’t my home since I left one whole decade ago

Remember that spot?
I had my first kiss
It's now a car wash, with super-fine mist
(It's now a garage with over priced spots)

(And that big tree
Where we built a swing
It blew over and fell in the street)

My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago
My home ain’t my home since I left 10 years ago

My house is no longer my home

Banking On You (by Robert Williams)

A single bird in the hand is worth two in the tree
Printing that page you get what you see
Crushing on you until 2023
You're not who I want but you got what I need

So I'm banking on you

I need somwhere to turn when life tells me to pack up
Every solid plan has another plan back up
All sorts of problems but no causes to tack up
Rearrange all my options to see how they stack up

I'm still banking on you

I'm stranded at sea and you're a passing ship
Struggling to keep myself away from your lips
Drinking your kool-aid give me another sip
Run away from my feeling let's take a trip

For now I'm banking on you

My friends all ask me why do I still call her
It's 'cause your love is safer than the US dollar

I'm banking on you

I'm feeling hope now but I know it won't last
You wanna know what's coming take a look at my past
The day is ending, better sieze it fast
Going out with a bang, get ready for the blast

I won't be banking on you

Pre-verse: Db, Eb, Gb, Ab
Verse: Db, Ab, Bbm, Fm, Gb, Db, Db, Eb
Chorus: Fm, Bbm7, C7, Fm

Bridge: Ab, Eb, Fm, Db

Key Change: Db, Eb, A, B
Verse: E, B, C#m, G#m, A, E, E, F#
Chorus: G#m, C#m7, D#7, G#m

Hadji Murat (by Robert Williams)

Look well, with care
When you return, these won't be here

Those who fed you, shared their bed
Will soon be dead

Enemies, and friends you made
Their powers fade

Aouls (towns) you saved, battles fought
All for naught

Ride on, ride on, Hadji Murat
Thorn in their side, twist in their plot
Die like a hero (martyr) when you're caught
And when you're gone they'll tell how you fought

A hunted man for reasons you can't

Son gone blind, mother captive
That's no way to live

Chechen fiends, Russuan traitors

Before the dawn, saddles on
Road is long


Verse: F#m, B7/A, C#m/G#, G#
Chorus: A, E, C#m, C-D#-F#

Get Out (by David Lyons)

Get out!
Get out of my life!
All you ever do is bring me strife (Get out!)

Get out!
Get out of my life! (Get out!)
All you ever do is (1! 2! 3! I 4!)

[Verse 1]
Give And take
That's relationship one-o-one you see you
Take a Bit and Give a Little extra outta courtesy
like Pennies at the Gas Station
You're Oppressive and Mean
dealing damage to my Psyche
on the Daily
Watch and See my faculties decline
In Real Time
you hurt me
The people around me you hurt too
and for that? I must bid you adieu.

It didn't have to be this way


[Verse 2]
Second verse, your Worst, we're leaning on the gnarly
Reimburse, the Curse, you've placed upon our family
No good deeds could ever save you
your Sins
Uncouth habitation
Keep it up